USA and Russia must extend the start-3, said the former state Department official

USA and Russia need to renew expiring in February 2021 the contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms (start-3), to gain time for the preparation of a new agreement in the sphere of arms control with China, said RIA Novosti former assistant Secretary of state Frank rose.

On Monday, the special envoy of the U.S. President for arms control Marshall Billingsley announced that it has agreed with the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov on the negotiations regarding the time and place of negotiations on nuclear weapons in June. He said that the talks also invited the representative of China. Bloomberg reported earlier that the talks will take place on June 22 in Vienna.

"The current frame (start-3) are strictly bilateral framework between the United States and Russia. But China is increasingly influenced by these bilateral settlements in the area of (strategic) stability... So I think we should extend the start-3, to win some time to work on some of these key issues," said rose.

Speaking about the subject for negotiations with Russia, the former official suggested that the U.S. is interested in addition to strategic weapons in the three subjects. The first new non-strategic weapons, such as, for example, the Russian nuclear submarine complex "Poseidon", which "destroy the architecture of strategic stability between Russia and the United States." The second topic is safety in space, and the third is cyber security.

"There is a fourth topic of new players like China. I don't think arms control will be sustainable in the long term, if we don't find a way to include China in future agreements," - said the expert.

In this regard, rose has described a reasonable approach to the administration of Donald trump to the invitation of the China negotiations, however, exposed her to criticism for what he believes on this invitation, China has learned from the public statements of the American President.

According to rose, who previously participated in negotiations with Russian and Chinese officials, Russia is interested in the inclusion of China in the agreement, as between the two countries, despite the "strategic partnership" there is tension in the relationship.

The leaders of Russia and China have repeatedly stated that relations between the two countries reached an unprecedented high level, the parties confirm their commitment to further promotion of strategic partnership.

Earlier, the US said that think about extending the strategic start-3 Treaty with Russia, which expires in 2021, but I suggest to expand it to a large circle of new weapons not included in the current start-3 and also propose to include in the contract of the PRC. China has said that such negotiations were not interested.

Rose as assistant (Deputy) Secretary of state was responsible for arms control, verification and execution of international agreements in the years 2014-17.