In Richmond, the court banned within ten days to demolish the monument to Robert E. Lee

A judge in Richmond, Virginia issued a ruling prohibiting the leadership of the state to demolish a monument to the commander of the slave States during the Civil war, General Robert E. Lee within 10 days, according to local TV station WTVR.

Earlier it was reported that the Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam said in a press conference that ordered to remove the famous statue of General Robert E. Lee. The decision was made amid ongoing protests and riots after the death in Minneapolis of the African-American George Floyd at the hands of white police.

It is reported that with the requirement to prohibit the demolition of the monument was made by the Prosecutor Joseph Blackburn on behalf of a descendant of the donor of the monument of William Gregory.

From the end of may in many major U.S. cities held protests and unrest in connection with the death of an African-American George Floyd with the arrest by the police. One of the policemen, who for a few minutes he felt a knee in the neck of Floyd, charged with murder, three others of aiding and abetting the murder.