The Chinese foreign Minister called on Britain not to meddle in Hong Kong

The Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi in a telephone conversation with his British colleague Dominic Raab expressed the hope that London will not interfere in the Affairs of Hong Kong should be the message of the foreign Ministry of the PRC.

In the UK, previously stated that the decision of the Chinese authorities about the development of Hong Kong law on national security is contrary to the provisions signed by Britain and China of the Declaration on the autonomy of the region. The Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson said that London is ready to change visa rules for Hong Kong if China will implement the law on national security of Hong Kong. According to the British Prime Minister, this bill seriously "restrict the freedom and seriously weakened the autonomy of (Hong Kong – ed.)".

"Hong Kong belongs exclusively to the internal politics of China, not subject to outside interference," - said in a conversation with Wang Yi

He stressed that the UK is a permanent member of the UN Security Council and should serve as an example in respect for the principles of international relations and non-interference in the internal Affairs of other countries.

He recalled that in the history of China has never interfered in the internal Affairs of great Britain.

"Similarly, the Chinese side hopes that the UK would respect the PRC Constitution and respect the legitimate right of China to protect state security on its territory," said Wang, whose words are given on the website of the Chinese foreign Ministry.

He stressed that the law on the protection of national security of Hong Kong is needed in order to bring to justice which puts a threat to the national security of small radical supporters of "independence" of Hong Kong and terrorists.

He added that the law will help to better ensure the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents and foreigners to lead a more quiet life in the autonomy.