Research: expenditures of Russians on housing and communal services in may fell for the third month in a row

Average check of Russians for housing and communal services in may fell for the third consecutive month by 2% compared to April, estimated by RIA Novosti in the Bank "FC Opening".

Previously the credit organization to tell the Agency that in March the average cost of Russians on housing and communal services decreased by 4%, and in April - 10%.

According to analysts, in may, most Russians were able to save on gas, waste fell by 8%. Check for electricity decreased by 4%, and rents by 3%. The only category, which recorded an increase, it was a check for teplovodosnabzhenie, spending on which grew for the last month to 3%.

Thus, in annual terms, the decline of expenses of citizens on housing and communal services looks more significantly: the average check fell by 13%. The greatest decrease showed spending on teplovodosnabzhenie - they have fallen to 33%, and a check for the rent decreased by 15%. However, the expenses of Russians on gas jumped by 20% and increase spending on energy amounted to 4%.

Member of the social Committee of the Federation Council Sergey Leonov in may, told RIA Novosti that he had sent proposals to the government to freeze in the current year tariffs for gas and electricity for the population, noting that in the context of economic difficulties due to pandemic coronavirus many Russians decreased revenues.