Valeria replied indignant because of her live woman

Valeria replied indignant because of its live instagram the woman and criticized her for her rudeness.

Valeria has published the announcement of live broadcast with Opera singer Olga Peretyatko and asked subscribers to write questions for their conversation, promising to take note of the best of them. However, one wearer of instagram said that the singer she was tired, and this attracted the attention of Valerie.

"Who will listen to your broadcasts? Don't you understand that already bothered worse a bitter radish. Sit on the isolation!" — wrote @nataliadzyubo.

Review women artist regarded as rudeness.

"That's interesting, You know that your children You show an example? They also are rude, and You in the first place," replied Valeria.

"Did I get nasty? It's true!" — continued its opponent.

"You see, I have erased all boundaries — what is good and what is bad. It's very sad," lamented the singer in response.

For Valery also stood up for its members.

"To each his own. Someone and a beer on the couch is fine, nothing else," joked @gladkusya.

"And I You haven't tired of the song You have a very kind and sincere, I see You in your creativity put a lot of thought and work with great dedication! And to write that are tired of artists is all the antics of a jealous ignorant of the wilderness!" — appealed to the artist @alexsanbrsmirnov.

"I look so tired, what are you all reading," he laughed @oliga1989.

Earlier in a skirmish with the users of instagram have joined the husband of Valerie Joseph Prigozhin. The producer was charged with the request to give him money, but he Prigogine reminded that he has not asked for help for himself.