In the state Duma proposed to introduce early retirement for mothers-heroines

State Duma Deputy Yelena Strokova (LDPR) proposed to allow women with the title "Mother-heroine" to retire early, a letter the MP has written to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

The MP drew attention that the status of "Mother-heroine" has a right to the woman who gave birth more than 10 children, but in insurance experience, she may be counted not more than six years in total for all children.

"It seems reasonable to include in the insurance experience of the mothers-heroines periods of care for all children. Under these conditions, the citizen who gave birth 10 or more children will eventually be able to get the insurance period of 15 years or more", - the Deputy writes.

According to her, she asked the Russian woman who gave birth to 13 children, but due to the lack of seniority she can't retire early.

"Unfortunately, she denied this on the basis of the framework of current legislation. Regional authorities point to the lack of citizen contribution period required for early retirement. Mother-heroine said that seniority will be counted only for the few, not for all 13 children. In the absence of the necessary insurance social old-age pension, she will be appointed in 65 years", - said in the letter String.

The title "Mother-heroine" is assigned to women with 10 or more children.