In the Leningrad region proposed to abolish the probation period when hiring

The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov sent a letter to the head of the Ministry of labor Anton Kotakova (a copy is in RIA Novosti) a proposal to abolish in Russia the probationary period when applying for the job.

Writes Leningrad Deputy, employee, normally assigned to a lower salary, and he is oppressed of financial condition with the full workload.

"Moreover, the practice of probation is often used by unscrupulous employers to further depressing the remuneration of employees, tax evasion and output internal accounting in a gray area. In any case the hired worker is always in disadvantageous and marginalised situation," - said the Deputy.

Petrov suggested Kotakova to consider banning in Russia of the system of employment with a trial period. "Hiring should be done transparently, without any additional conditions contradict the Labour code of the Russian Federation. Moreover, I ask you to assess the idea of equating an employer imposed probationary period to attempt tax evasion and fraud in relation to the employed person", - the statement says Petrov.