The Pentagon is ready to rename the database, named in honor of generals from the South

The Minister of the army yo, Catherine Ryan admits the possibility of renaming the 10 military bases, named in honor of the leaders of the southern army (confederates) during the Civil war, according to the publication Politico, citing a representative of the command.

"The Minister is ready for a bipartisan discussion (with Republicans and Democrats – ed.) this topic," - said the publication of Colonel sunset Bilinski.

Politico recalls that back in February, the office said it had no plans to rename no, because in the army there is a tradition of naming bases for the names of prominent military leaders, regardless of which side they fought during the Civil war (1861-65), was.

But then in the media, in particular in the authoritative New York Times, publications have appeared in which the military was criticized for "the worship of the adherents of the supremacy of the white race". Speech, in particular, was about such large and well-known bases like Fort Bragg in North Carolina (named in honor of Confederate General Braxton Bragg) and Fort Benning in Georgia (in honor of General Henry Benning).

Discussion on the suppression of Confederate symbols, in favor of maintaining slavery in the United States, worsened after the death of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis on may 25 from the hands of white police. After that swept the country a wave of riots and pogroms, held mass protests against racism and violence by the police.