In Qatar from June 15 to September will be to remove restrictions on the COVID-19

Qatar from June 15 to begin a gradual withdrawal-related coronavirus restrictions, but the country will return to normal until the autumn, said in a virtual press conference, a representative of the Higher Committee for crisis management Luoluo al-Khatir.

According to her, from August 1 to 54 is allowed to open the mosque for performing Friday prayers will be permitted flights to Qatar with a low level of risk for priority passengers, first and foremost, resident aliens of the Emirate, will open a driving school. All returned to Qatar from abroad will have to be in isolation for two weeks. Private clinics will be able to work 80% at this stage.

Qatar Airways has promised to make public the price of flights and accommodation for the duration of the quarantine. In August of athletic training will be allowed in open spaces and large halls for professional athletes in groups up to five people.

As noted by the representative of the Qatari government, only from September will be allowed to open all the mosques will be allowed in events, wedding parties, exhibitions, conferences, entertainment activities, open theatres and cinemas, and private institutions will receive permission to work fully. Will be allowed trips in the ships, will operate public transport, but in a restricted mode.

Qatar, despite its small area and population, is one of the first places in the Arab world in the growth of patients with coronavirus, while the mortality caused by the virus complications remains one of the lowest in the world. Thus, according to the Qatari Ministry of health, on Monday the number of cases of coronavirus, has exceeded 70 thousand since the beginning of the pandemic, with more than 45 thousand people were cured, 57 people have died.

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