ROC commented on the attempts of Russification of worship

The initiators of the full translation of the divine services of the Russian Orthodox Church from the Church Slavonic language Russian aim "the reformation of the content, meaning" service, and they are increasingly using "political component," said the first Deputy head of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate on relations of the Church with society and the media Alexander Shchipkov.

At the end of 2019 Patriarch Kirill officially admitted during worship reading some texts on modern Russian language (reading of the Gospels and the Apostolic Epistles). In the Educational Committee of Russian Orthodox Church then explained that we are talking only about "resolution, but not the order." The vast majority of churches of the Russian Orthodox Church the services are conducted entirely or almost entirely in Church Slavonic. Along with this, the Church is a movement for the full translation of the whole divine service into Russian language, which, however, does not find support in the vast number of believers.

"When you demand a transition to a Russian - always talking about the need of the mission, saying that it is unclear what they sing and say... But what is the ultimate goal of the reformation of the language?.. The reformation of language, form, hides a different purpose