In the United States are working on standards for the use of force by police

U.S. authorities are working on standards for the use of force by police, said U.S. attorney General William Barr.

"Law enforcement leaders with whom we work, as no one interested in the reform of the criminal and judicial system and the police profession. The last time there was a different President (USA) who would be more loyal (this). He did not need the crisis that we have today to begin with the law "first step" and the establishment of the Commission, which is examining the same issues we face today," said Barr at a meeting at the White house with the participation of law enforcement, which was chaired by President Donald trump.

"I know that there is a great interest on the part of police managers from the point of view of clarity in the guidance (documentation) on the use of force... to ensure that standards exist, to ensure that they (the police – ed.) are trained and that they comply with them. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to make it. The waiting time is over. It is now our responsibility to bring good out of bad," added Barr.

Statement of attorney General followed on the background of the riots, which began after the death in Minneapolis of the African-American George Floyd at the hands of police.

Police in the US, mainly the mass is subject to the authorities of States and municipalities, not the Federal government, which nevertheless has its own Federal police units, which are subordinate to the services and agencies.