Rudkovskaya posted a video of the dance from the clip Paglesham Little big

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya published in the instagram video, which dances along with Dmitry Krasyliv (Puhler).

In the beginning of the video Rudkovskaya talking on the phone with her husband Evgeny Plushenko, who sends the wife a new dance partner. It is Krasyliv. When Pugles came to the house to Rudkovskaya and it was presented by dancer, producer, surprised, and her son just said she doesn't believe him.

"You're not from this Opera!" — said Alexander Plushenko.

It Krasyliv said, and began to dance to the song Boss Bitch. Subsequently he was joined by Rudkovskaya and her son with disapproval covered my face with my hands.

Previously Paglesham dance battle converged Dmitry Nagiyev, and then Polina Gagarin. However, in contrast to singer, to repeat the movement for Krasyliv the showman not particularly successful.

After the success of the track "Uno" group Little big and clip on it, which Krasyliv takes the incendiary dance in overalls lavender, Puhlease were invited to perform in different projects. According to the singer Shura and Anna Sedokova, Krasyliv starred in their new music video. Later, Puhler danced on the show "Evening Urgant" and also starred in the movie Cream Soda for the song "Cry on techno".