Fadeev has complained of "horrid" memories of the group Serebro

Music producer Maxim Fadeev in his instagram said about the vile memories from his work on the group Serebro.

The producer posted a video with the song Masha Weber "In the wind".

"Thank God that now I can afford to write songs to whom I want, when I want. Hurrah!" — he wrote in his post.

In the comments one of podeschi producer asked to return debauched group.

"Maxim, you supercasanova, return the group "Silver" — appealed to him @nori969.

Silver will never be! For me it is the most painful and disgusting memories! There will be something else!", — said Fadeev.

Earlier in the broadcast channel NTV, he said that the cause of the conflict with the participants Serebro was the realization that the wards use it, despite the honest attitude to them.

The team Serebro was formed in 2006. In the 14 years of its existence its members were changed several times, the last of the soloists were Elizabeth and Marianne Kornilov Kochurov.