In Moscow overturned the regime of self-isolation, and digital pass

Moscow is gradually returning to normal, from Tuesday to travel by public transport will not need a pass, and everyone, including the elderly and people with chronic diseases, it is possible to get out of the house, in the capital, finally opened Barber shops, beauty salons, fully earned car sharing, and theaters can again conduct rehearsals. Said this yesterday, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

As he said in his personal blog for several weeks pandemic coronavirus in Moscow is on the decline, the number of hospitalizations and new HIV infections is decreasing, the capital is already prepared for major changes and the transition to almost a normal life.

Tuesday in the capital canceled the two most fundamental and long-existing constraints: the isolation mode and access mode. In addition, is repealed and the schedule of walks, which existed in the capital a little over a week from 1 June. As previously noted, the schedule of walks for Muscovites was introduced until June 14 in the test mode. Needed to make a smooth transition from the regime of self-isolation, to dramatically avoid the crowds on the streets, so all the houses in the capital were divided into groups and residents for walking were allocated certain days.

Because permission to walk the epidemiological situation in the city deteriorated, were adopted more radical solution, according to the mayor. Now all the citizens, including Muscovites over the age of 65 and citizens with chronic diseases, can go outside, drive on and use public spaces. From privileged categories of citizens again earned social security cards for travel on public transport, which had been blocked for the period of self-isolation.

Muscovites over age 65 and people with chronic diseases comply with home mode the longest, they were forbidden to go out on March 26 to avoid the risk of infection by coronavirus. And since March 30, the isolation at home is introduced for all users, regardless of age. To leave the apartment only allowed in cases of emergency medical assistance, travel for work, the trip to the nearest store or pharmacy. Also to get out of the house it was possible to walk a pet and throw away trash.

In addition, in addition, on April 15 the digital passes for travel on city transport. Originally, there were three types of passes: work permit, which is automatically extended for the period of validity of the permit regime, a one-day pass to visit the health facilities, which were issued to an unlimited number of times during the week, and day passes are for personal use, to which was only possible twice a week. It was later introduced special permits for volunteers and passes to visit the MFC.

Also on Tuesday repealed restrictions on visits to city cemeteries that were closed to the public from early April. Ritual objects are allowed to visit only for parting with the dead, respect for social distance and the use of personal protective equipment, to visit the graves of relatives to clean or to lay flowers was forbidden.

In the period of limitations GBU "Ritual" had a number of remote services such as remote visiting graves, laying flowers remote and remote cleaning.

All restrictions were removed and car-share. Operators of car sharing in Moscow suspended since April 13 because of the situation with coronavirus. Later than 25 may of the restrictions removed is allowed to rent a car, but for a period of not less than five days subsequent to the mandatory disinfection.

Now, car sharing has resumed work in full. The car again you can take at any time. Thus, according to the press service of the Moscow Department of transport, the car will continue to disinfect. Also retains the requirement about wearing masks and gloves as drivers, and passengers.

Another long awaited by Muscovites innovation Tuesday: resume hairdressing and beauty salons, which belonged to the service industries with a greater risk of the spread of coronavirus due to the close contact of client and employee.

According to recommendations of Rospotrebnadzora, these organizations must adhere to the strict treatment rooms, as well as all contact surfaces and tools. In addition, visitors and workers must be provided with antiseptics for the treatment of hands, the room should obezzarazhivatelya to clear my mind. In addition, for employees required to wear PPE, all employees at the entrance you need to measure temperature, the interval between visitors must be at least 20 minutes, and the provision of services to every visitor must comply with social distance.

In addition, from Tuesday with the observance of necessary sanitary requirements again earn shop, veterinary clinics and employment agencies.

Also to your normal activities can return public organizations, film studios, recording studios and academic institutions. At the same time, theaters, concert organizations and circuses can resume conducting rehearsals.

Thus, according to the mayor, despite the lifting of some restrictions, the Muscovites still have to be careful and to observe a mode of self-preservation: to respect the social distance and to continue to wear PPE in public areas.

From June 1 mask and glove mode was tightened: to wear a mask or other means of respiratory protection the need for any exit from the house, including during walks and sports. While at work, in shops, pharmacies, malls "My documents", any other institutions and in public transport must also use gloves.

Thus, if a person works in the office alone, he may not wear protection, and if in the team, then you need to wear and mask and gloves.

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