At Baikonur the employees of the enterprises of Roskosmos revealed coronavirus

The first cases of coronavirus infection was diagnosed in specialists of enterprises of Roskosmos at the cosmodrome Baikonur, has informed the city administration.

In a statement on the administration's website notes that on 5 June from the village of Tyuratam in Central medical unit number 1 of Baikonur, a patient was brought with fever of moderate severity, which was later diagnosed COVID-19.

"In fact, an affected citizen lives in the village, but he had contact with 14 family and friends, living in Baikonur", - stated in the message.

For the past day eight of the 14 contact persons were identified coronavirus, now they are treated in the medical unit.

"The enterprises Space center "South" (a branch of TsENKI - ed.) and Baikonurenergo, in the branch of "Baikonur" RSC "Energia" practiced contacts of infected at the place of work, contact persons to work was not admitted and directed to the self-isolation at home. In areas where infected worked, carried out disinfection treatment", - said the administration.

Not reported infected with the coronavirus residents of Baikonur and the cosmodrome's specialists, all previous cases were imported.

TsENKI and RSC Energia are the enterprises of Roskosmos.

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