Rogozin spoke about the ridicule from the US after the launch of the Crew Dragon

After the successful launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon "Roscosmos" heard in the address only of ridicule, wrote the head of the state Corporation Dmitry Rogozin in a column for Forbes.

"When our partners managed to conduct a successful test, nothing but jokes and ridicule in our address, we have not heard, although it would be appropriate to thank our "Union", Soviet Russian developers and engineers who in recent years has continued to upgrade this the world's most trusted manned ship," he said.

According to Rogozin, Russia has not received "any words of gratitude or professional noble response on the part of Americans."

In addition, the head of Roskosmos called the Russian assistance in the delivery of American astronauts to the International space station is priceless.

Since 2011 and until the launch of the Crew Dragon to ISS, it was possible to fly only "Unions". Rogozin noted that on the shoulders of the Russian manned space flight was "a tremendous moral responsibility to humanity".

"Just as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Titian do not have prices because they are unique and property of mankind, and provided "Roscosmos" Americans the chance to save the flight opportunity, to deliver astronauts to the space station priceless," he wrote.

The head of state Corporation also noted that the achievement of the head of SpaceX does not detract from the achievements of domestic Astronautics.

"Elon Musk has spoiled the mood, not us, and their compatriots from the Boeing company, beating them with the beginning of flight tests. It is their war, not ours," he added.

In Russia, said Rogozin, long-running national space transportation system, which is constantly improving. In his opinion, the domestic rocket still be one of the brands of the country.

The head of Roskosmos acknowledged that Russia, nevertheless, there are some "delays" in the creation of new technology. According to him, one of the tasks his team to change the situation in the space industry.

In may, the United States first launched into space was developed by company SpaceX by order of the NASA Crew Dragon on the launch vehicle Falcon 9. On Board were two crew member Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken. Start is the first in the history of manned flight, which made a private company. In addition, the States for the first time in nine years sent people into space.

The head of the press service of the Russian state Corporation Vladimir Ustimenko earlier admitted that in the future astronauts can start flying to the ISS on the Dragon ships, Crew and Cockpit, and American astronauts in this case will continue to exchange to fly on Russian ships.