In two villages of the Saratov region has cancelled the quarantine mode

The government of the Saratov region has cancelled the quarantine disease coronavirus infection in two villages, Volsky district and Samoilovsky district, said Monday the Vice-Governor Alexander Strelyukhin.

Quarantine mode on may 2 was introduced in the village, Cherkasy Volsky district, where in a psychoneurological boarding school, there was a mass infection with coronavirus employees and guests, and its neighbouring village of Spasskoe. Also on may 15 was closed for quarantine Samoilovsky district, where the hospital identified the source of contamination COVID-19.

"On the basis of the instruction of the chief sanitary doctor to cancel the quarantine measures in the territory of the Samoilovsky district... on may 2, we introduce a quarantine mode in the territory and the villages of Cherkasy Volsky district, Spasskoe... in the framework of regulation (government region) on the basis of the instruction of the chief sanitary doctor cancel the quarantine in these two villages," said Strelyukhin at the meeting of the operational headquarters of the region to combat COVID-19.

Authorities in the region until June 10 and ordered people not to leave their homes, residents are allowed to walk on two and exercise in the fresh air and walk to the nearest store or pharmacy, walk Pets, this person needs to be masked. From June 11 are cancelled special permits to move, to June 21, maintains a ban on all public activities, cafes, restaurants, cultural and physical education, is the mode of isolation for people over 65 and mask mode.

Only in the region of laboratory-confirmed 3.9 thousand cases of infection with mers have died, 36 patients recovered 1596.

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