U.S. negotiations with Russia on nuclear weapons

U.S. confirms talks with Russia on strategic stability, China is also invited, said the special envoy of the U.S. President for arms control Marshall Billingsley.

"Today we agreed with the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia (Sergey) Ryabkov regarding the time and place of negotiations on nuclear weapons in June," Billingsley wrote on Twitter, without naming the exact date and place. Bloomberg reported earlier that the talks will take place on June 22 in Vienna.

"China also invited. Whether China will negotiate in good faith?" asked Billingsley.

Earlier, the US said that think about extending the strategic start-3 Treaty with Russia, which expires in 2021, but I suggest to expand it to a large circle of new weapons not included in the current start-3 and also propose to include in the contract of the PRC. China has said that such negotiations were not interested.