The Deputy commented on the draft of the Communist party about the refusal draping of the Mausoleum

The Communist party prepared a draft resolution of the state Duma about inadmissibility of draping the Lenin mausoleum during the Victory parade is an attempt to promote its own symbolism under the guise of nationwide, said RIA Novosti, first Deputy Chairman of the faction "Fair Russia" Mikhail Emelyanov.

Earlier, the Communist faction in the Duma introduced a draft resolution to appeal to President Vladimir Putin about inadmissibility of decorating the mausoleum of Lenin on red square during the Victory parade on June 24.

Emelyanov doubted that the ruling Communist party would be supported by the state Duma.

"This is a tactic of the Communists - they are under the guise of national trying to promote their symbols. Obviously, what they needed to was a big inscription "Lenin" as their leader and teacher. But in Russia, not everyone shares the teachings of Lenin, so to promote the characters at the expense of national holidays, I think, wrong," - said the Agency Emelyanov.

He added that the faction "Fair Russia" the decision of the Communist party have not yet discussed, but I doubt that MS will support it.