SC opened a case after the patient's death allegedly after being beaten by doctors

SC in the Tula region opened a case after the death of the veteran of the Chechen war in the hospital, the regional Ministry of health provides investigation assistance.

Information on the death of Constantine, Krasikov was born in 1977, a veteran of the Chechen war, was published in social networks on behalf of his brother. He said that on may 2 Constantine fell ill, he was taken to the intensive care unit of city hospital of Novomoskovsk, later it was decided to transfer him to the Tula regional clinical hospital with a suspected COVID-19. In the published post says that the mother brought the son of things, and saw that he was badly beaten, and the doctors said that the patient with them "fighting". A few days later the family reported that the man died from traumatic brain injury.

"Upon incident criminal case as regards 4 articles 111 of the criminal code (Intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm, negligently caused human death). Currently the whole complex of investigative actions aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the case", - said RIA Novosti the representative of SUCK Russia in the region.

The representative of the regional health Ministry said RIA Novosti that the Agency is interested in investigating the incident. "The Ministry of health has the consequence of necessary assistance," - said the Agency interlocutor.

Senior assistant to the Prosecutor of the region Irina Balakina told RIA Novosti that the Prosecutor's office joined the investigation of the circumstances of the incident. "The Prosecutor's office of Tula region took on control a course of investigation of criminal case on the fact of receipt by the patient of the Novomoskovsk city clinical hospital of a traumatic brain injury that caused his death," - said the Agency interlocutor.

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