The fashion house of Channel launched their first collection in a pandemic

. Fashion house Channel presented virtual social networks in his first collection since the introduction of restrictions because of the pandemic of coronavirus, reports France Info.

Quarantined all fashion shows have been cancelled. As a result, the parade of cruise collection Channel "a Walk in the Mediterranean" was held today online. It was supposed to go 7 may in Capri.

"Cancel the show not much affect the actual collection, I wish she was more petite and easier on all levels — we have about fifty images (against the usual seventy)", — said yesterday in an interview with Figaro Virginia VIAR, who succeeded Karl Lagerfeld at the head of Chanel. Until the death of the master she was his right hand.

The collection is designed to travel light, with a wardrobe that fits in a small suitcase on wheels, flat wicker basket and bag with embroidery. It consists of versatile items that can easily combine and transform.

For example, long skirts become dresses if you wear them higher, and jackets can be worn during the day on top of the shirt, and in the evening with jeans.

"We don't know exactly what will be the situation in our industry after the pandemic, but if we are not doing anything is a recipe for disaster," said VIAR, referring to the difficult situation faced by the tailors, fashion designers and other industry professionals.

Major fashion houses, as a rule, show cruise collection in the spring, often overseas and not in the annual four fashion weeks.