British police explain why not prevented the demolition of the statue of the slave trader

The British police did not prevent the demolition of the monument to merchant, philanthropist and slave trader Edward Colston's in Bristol for fear of clashes with demonstrators over the rights of the black population, said the head of the police region Avon and Somerset Andy Marsh.

Last weekend in several cities in Britain held a rally in memory of the deceased in the United States African American George Floyd. Sami marches and rallies were peaceful, but protesters joined the radicals and the members of "antifa" were trying to provoke riots and attacked the police. Bullies inflicted racist inscriptions on a monument to Winston Churchill in London, and in Bristol piled with pedestal and threw into the Bay the monument to merchant, philanthropist and MP Edward Colston, who in the seventeenth century, engaged in the slave trade. The monument to Churchill managed to wash, monument Colston still lies at the bottom of Bristol Bay.

"As we expected, the rally gathered about 10 thousand people. During the campaign, our staff saw footage from the surveillance cameras, on which several people sit on the monument to Colston. Two minutes later the statue was felled. There were police, they could respond to what is happening, but the management at the place decided not to intervene. The detention of the suspects would lead to the injuries they have, police officers, and have nothing to do with the incident of the people. This would have resulted in clashes with police, with serious consequences in Bristol and other towns," said March in the video.

On Saturday it became known that the British police have been instructed to avoid confrontation with protesters. In London it was possible to observe how the police run away from their pursuit of the radicals, the police threw bottles, bicycles, firecrackers, insulted and threatened. The law enforcement bodies do not respond. All this has led to discussions around such tactics. Part of social media users believe that such behavior of the police signals bullies on the admissibility of the repetition of their actions.

Around the incident with the statue of Colston also inflamed the debate. The part of parliamentarians and public figures, as well as the leadership of Scotland Yard criticized the actions of the local police fails to ensure the preservation of the monument. Many believe that it was impossible to prevent the incident. But some politicians believed that the monuments in honor of the people, the circumstances of life which may in our day give rise to disputes, it is necessary to remove from the streets of British cities.

March, responding to criticism, said he supported the actions of their employees, while 17 involved in the vandalism have already been identified by the police. "Could you imagine what Bristol police fighting with the people who damaged a monument to the man known that portion of his state was the income from the slave trade? I believe that this would have very serious consequences, and I do not condone criminal damage to the object and all that, but I fully support the actions of my officers," - said the head of the police Department.