In Ugra two officials suspected of abuse of power

An employee of a city administration Megion (Khanty) and the employee of the regional service housing and construction supervision became suspects on criminal case about abuse of authority, fraud and bribery, after the municipality bought from the developer housing not complying with the requirements, informs regional investigatory management SK the Russian Federation.

According to investigators, in 2019, the city administration took a decision on the commissioning of a number of apartment buildings in this municipality was based on inaccurate conclusions about the compliance of buildings with the requirements of technical regulations and design documentation. These houses, according to the investigators, is built "when there are significant violations."

"Part of the premises in these houses, which today do not meet the requirements of housing legislation and not fit for dwelling acquired by the city administration", - explained in Department.

According to the investigation Department, against two officials of the criminal case. One of them - service housing and construction supervision of the Autonomous Okrug, which are suspected of receiving bribes, official forgery, second - worker megionskaya administration.

"In a criminal case in a crime under part 1 of article 286 of the criminal code "abuse of authority", is an employee of the Department of architecture and urban planning of a city administration Megion", - stressed in the SUCK.

Besides, militiamen carried out searches in the city administration and the residence of some officials, also a number of employees of the municipality questioned the circumstances of the criminal case, said the investigation Department.