In Kazakhstan for unsanctioned rallies detained 53 people

More than 50 people were detained by police at an unsanctioned rallies, which took place on 6 June in Kazakhstan, said on Monday the website of the Republican police.

Nur-Sultan and Alma-ATA on June 6 protests. Calling on his supporters to go to the rally appealed to the social networks, the recognized leader in Kazakhstan extremist movement "Democratic choice of Kazakhstan" (DCK), Mukhtar Ablyazov, living in France. Head of the initiative group on creation of the Democratic party Zhanbolat Mamay also urged supporters to go to the peace rally in several cities of Kazakhstan. Ablyazov and his mother in Alma-ATA for the campaign chose the same time and place - the square near the monument to Abai Kunanbayev located in the city centre. The city authorities have called this meeting illegal, saying the organizers had not filed notice of his conduct.

The police said that "despite warnings about the need for strict observance of the quarantine mode, some cities of Kazakhstan, 6 June 2020 by individuals, attempts were made illegal rallies".

"Representatives of the Prosecutor's office and local Executive bodies of the audience, it was explained about the illegality of their actions. However, some citizens did not obey the lawful demands. Bodies of internal Affairs were taken to ensure public order and safety of citizens. Active violators of quarantine restrictions and the requirements of the law after refusing to stop illegal actions were brought to the police for preventive work, and give a legal assessment", - stated in the message on the website of the Kazakhstani police.

The information States that "the police were delivered to 53". "8 of them were brought to administrative responsibility, including 7 – fined, 1 – warned. Against two violators pre-judicial investigations. The rest after preventive conversation was released," police said.