In Buenos Aires assessed the situation with the spread of the coronavirus

The situation with coronavirus in the Argentine capital and its suburbs will improve by September, said Deputy Minister of health of the city Nicholas Kreplach in an interview with radio La Red.

"Peak means a reduction in the number of cases, and we are still continue to grow... If we seriously reduce the number of infections, to cancel the quarantine in the capital region is not necessary", - he said.

The Argentine government extended by three weeks until June 28 - the quarantine for COVID-19 in Buenos Aires and several provinces, where the continuing intrusion. Other regions of the country return to normal life. According to the authorities, restrictive measures in the capital will take off in the last turn due to the large number of cases COVID-19.

"There are different hypotheses that allow us to say that by September the situation will improve", - said the Deputy Minister.

In Buenos Aires was 13 263 cases of human infection with new coronavirus have died 297 people. Only in Argentina contracted 020 22 people died in 648.

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