Johnson condemned the demolition of the monument to the seventeenth century slave trader in Bristol

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the demolition of the monument in Bristol crime, those involved should be held accountable, said the official representative of the government office.

Last weekend in several cities in Britain held a rally in memory of the deceased American George Floyd. Sami marches and rallies were peaceful, but protesters joined the radicals and the members of "antifa" were trying to provoke riots and attacked the police. In Bristol hooligans piled with pedestal and threw into the Bay the monument to merchant, philanthropist and MP Edward Colston, who in the seventeenth century, engaged in the slave trade.

"The Prime Minister believes that the country should follow the democratic process. People can campaign for the removal of the monument, but what happened yesterday is a crime. When a violation of the criminal law, and it is unacceptable, the police are attracted to the responsibility involved", - said the representative office.

According to him, Johnson understands the feelings of people, but in Britain, changes are being made in a democratic way.

"If people want to remove the monument, they must act in a democratic way", - add a representative of the Prime Minister, refusing to say whether Johnson, the idea of demolishing monuments disputed historical figures.

Around the incident with the statue of Colston sparked public debate. The part of parliamentarians and public figures, as well as the leadership of Scotland Yard criticized the actions of the local police fails to ensure the preservation of the monument. Many believe that it was impossible to prevent the incident. But some politicians, particularly the labour party, stated that the monuments in honor of the people, the circumstances of life which may in our day give rise to disputes, it is necessary to remove from the streets of British cities.

On Monday, the head of the local police Andy Marsh said that the police did not interfere demolished the statue of the bullies for fear of disturbances. However, according to Marsh's involved in the crime have been identified.

The cities of the U.S., a wave of protests and unrest after the death in Minneapolis at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd. In the Internet appeared the video, which shows how the police put the handcuffs Floyd, knocked him down and piled on top of him, the three of us, and one of them stepped on his knee on the neck. Floyd on video several times says that he can not breathe, then fades. He died in intensive care. After the riots, fired four police officers and one of them was accused of murder.