The project of development of nuclear energy will contribute to the government before 1 July

The draft program for development of nuclear energy on behalf of the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail mishustina will be finalized and submitted to the government before 1 July, the press service of the Cabinet.

It is reported that on June 8 Mishustin held a meeting to discuss the draft of the comprehensive programme "Development of equipment, technologies and scientific research in the field of nuclear energy," which covers the period up to 2024.

According to him, the program aims to address a number of strategic objectives: first, to maintain leadership in the field of nuclear technologies and building the necessary scientific and technological base for achieving self-reliance fuel resources and reduce the harmful effects on the environment.

"On behalf of Michael mishustina of the programme will be finalized and submitted to the Government before July 1," the message reads.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, the Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, acting office of the Board of the Military-industrial Commission Deputy head of the government of Russia Igor Borovkov, state Secretary – Deputy Director General of Rosatom Sergey Novikov.