In Thailand, fired the General who put the helicopter on the temple grounds

The commander of the Third division of the tourist police of Thailand (Phuket and southern region of the country) the General-the major of police Krissak Soganlik dismissed and transferred to the reserve of the main Directorate of the tourist police because he landed a helicopter on the territory of the Buddhist monastery, said on Monday the online version of the newspaper Bangkok Post.

According to the Council of the congregation of the monastery and Wat Chedi in the province of Nakhon Sithammarat, General with a group of officers arrived at the Church by helicopter to check safety measures and epidemiological protection. The newspaper also reported that some time before the arrival of the General, whose office is located on Phuket island 300 kilometers from the temple, a large group living in Thailand, citizens of South Korea working in the travel industry, staged in temple fireworks from three million firecrackers at one of the statues, the most revered among the faithful Buddhists, asking the higher forces for help in the restoration of business after a pandemic COVID19.

The helicopter commander of the third division landed at the temple, which caused a negative reaction of the believers. Several people took pictures of the helicopter and posted photos to the Internet, providing a signature, which expressed outrage that the General "could not visit the temple, having arrived, as everything on the car, and had to fly by helicopter." After the publication of photos of main Directorate of the tourist police withdrew General Cornmonly in Bangkok, freeing him from his post, and announced the beginning of official investigation against him, the newspaper reports.

Colleagues and subordinates General posted on the social network Facebook letter, addressed to the command, asking to be condescending to their colleague and chief, the Bangkok Post writes.