The expert assessed the possible consequences of a resumption of the programme "Roar"

The resumption of the programme "Roar" to create the conversion of light missiles will take orders and slow flight tests of the rocket "Angara-1.2", says the head of the space policy Institute Ivan Moiseev.

Earlier, a source in the rocket and space industry told RIA Novosti that the Khrunichev Center (part of the Federal space Agency) renew program is the production of light conversion rocket "Rokot" on the basis of shoot-alerting ballistic missiles RS-18 "Stiletto" (UR-100N utth). The contract for production of missiles signed with the Ministry of defense, the new missile was called the "Rumble-M".

According to him, "Rumblings" will select orders for a lightweight Angara rocket, which so far is almost there, and slow down its flight tests. "In fact, blamed 20 years of work and a lot of money," said Moses.

Talking about potential customers, the expert noted that "the Roar-M" may rely primarily on orders from the Ministry of defence, although previously one of the major customers were the European space Agency. Now, however, it has its own light rocket "VEGA". "Europe is more profitable to maintain your rocket than ours", - said Moiseev.

The program "Roar" was discontinued in 2019. The control system for the missiles were made in Ukraine and after the events of 2014 the delivery of this equipment in Russia ceased. Previously it was reported that the Khrunichev Center is developing a rocket "Rokot-2" with the Russian control system.