Roskoshestvo warned against fraudulent websites with the "answers" to the exam

Guaranteed high score on the exam will provide an honest training, including using specialized sites, but fraudulent websites that offer the exams and the "right answers" for the money, definitely should be avoided, said Roskoshestvo.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the national accreditation Agency in the course of the monitoring sites with the task of preparing for the exam, has never found a genuine leak. "It suggests that answers to use the Internet you will not find!" - underlined in the message.

Meanwhile, from year to year on the eve of the exam, the scammers collect "seasonal harvest" in the form of cash contributions and personal data from curious school children, pre-confirming its "loyalty" screenshots "of materials", and also reviews and checks "satisfied customers". But after the transfer of money of a graduate block, then the merchant account is deleted.

"Roskoshestvo strongly recommends googling "real" answers on the exam and says: want to get the highest score – prepare for the exams efficiently and fairly," says the report. Experts indicate that in order to thoroughly prepare for exams in terms of isolation, you can use the services for videoconferencing sessions with Tutors or to prepare on their own with the help of special services to prepare for the exam.

Such services are typically presents options for the tasks and exercises for all exam subjects, and the duration of the job controls the timer. These resources can also create a personalized plan for exam preparation, to offer as a training job quests and create their own tests. Some resources offer the option of checking job professional expert, but it will have to pay.

In particular, a large normative base and ability to pass the actual exam online is available at the official website of the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements, in addition, information for students is available in the public domain, the report says.