"Parent Committee" supported the idea to retake the exam immediately, not a year

Public organization "parents Committee" supported the initiative of deputies of the state Duma to give the right to retake not only the basic, but relevant exam immediately, not a year, noting that all students should be provided equal rights to access to education.

In the name of the author, a member of the Committee of the lower house of Parliament on state construction and legislation, Yevgeny Marchenko ("United Russia") received a petition from "the Parent Committee". The document is available to RIA Novosti. According to Marchenko, the accounting treatment of public organization plans to send Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

Noncommercial partnership in defence of family, childhood, personality and health "Parent Committee" is a public organization specializing in the field of legal protection of the family and minors.

Earlier, Marchenko told RIA Novosti that students may be eligible to retake the relevant exam immediately, before the end of the admission campaign of this year in universities. In the state Duma is working on the relevant bill.

At the moment to retake this year, only mandatory exam - Russian and mathematics, as core subjects that the student chooses independently for admission to the University, you can retake it the next year.

In addition, the "Parent Committee" supported the initiative Marchenko to criminalize the involvement of minors in unauthorized rallies, as well as the recruitment and involvement of minors in the riots, removing these offences from the Administrative code, and adding to the criminal.

"In recent years, parents are concerned about involving their children in illegal mass actions ... the Parents don't have the ability to control the situation, so this situation worries the parents and requires state regulation of the situation by strengthening the responsibility of the persons, including criminal liability, the perpetrators of the involvement of minors in illegal actions, demonstrations, rallies, and so forth", - the document says.

Earlier, Marchenko said that the changes proposed for article 151 of the criminal code "Involvement of minors in antisocial activity." 212 article of the criminal code "riots."

In the disposition of article 151 of the plan to include a phrase about the involvement of minors in unauthorized rallies, and in article 212 will add a new part 1.2 about the involvement of minors in mass riots, accompanied by violence and pogroms, as well as disobeying the lawful demands of representatives of authorities, and part 3.1 of appeals to minors to the same riots.

Under amended article 151 of the criminal code for such crimes plan to impose a sentence of imprisonment for a term of two to five years, according to the new part 3.1 of article 212 of the criminal code - up to ten years, said the Deputy informed.