Prigogine responded to a woman's advice "not to shame"

Producer Joseph Prigogine came into the discussion with the users of instagram, one of which urged him not to shame, posting a humorous video on the background of the situation with his statements about the situation of artists.

The producer has published a video in which, sitting in the car, joked that he would have to "bomb", because "now is the time".

Users of instagram made fun of this video. In particular, some of them suggested in the comments that the car Prigogine gave Sergei Shnurov, with whom he had a conflict.

"Winter snow Your Cord does not give" — said the producer.

"Poor, no money, no disgrace to spread these videos" — ironically said the lady @croxa2000.

"Who doesn't? I did say that I don't?" — asked her Prigozhin.

"With this machine and still asking for money? Went would have worked like regular people," wrote @photograph_elena_.

"We work as people, and money I didn't ask for, if anything," retorted Prigogine.

His podistica @oksanaruggiero protested that removing such a video, the producer allegedly "complains".

"And who's complaining?" — Prigogine laughed in response.

On the question of the wearer's @nemtyshkina about whether he needs the money, the producer explained that they really need, and always and all.

"Well, well, poor you ours," said @_ira_irusa.

"On bread and water are interrupted," he joked Prigogine at her words.

One user also said that he handed over the ticket to the concert of the wife of the producer of Valerie, and promised not to buy it.

"I wonder when her next concert that You supposedly bought a ticket and in which city? I probably missed something. The plans of the concerts in connection with the crown from us yet was not" — asked the producer.

Earlier in the Network there was a scandal between the producer Joseph Prigogine and musician Sergey Shnurov. Prigogine said about the plight of artists after the cancellation of performances due to pandemic coronavirus. The leader of group "Leningrad" has criticized the producer who later said that the Cords will not escape "men's conversation", and urged to apologize to the singer Valeria, which the actor also mentioned in his poems.

Skirmish the celebrities attracted the attention of other stars.