In Argentina, when Mauricio Macri has followed more than 400 journalists

Surveillance during the reign of ex-President of Argentina Mauricio Macri was conducted for more than 400 journalists, the statements of the Association of foreign journalists in Argentina.

Earlier it was reported that the Prosecutor's office of Argentina has opened an investigation about the involvement of ex-President Mauricio Macri to spy on politicians, journalists and cultural figures. We are talking about the fact that during the reign of the former President was allegedly spying on emails 80 people, among them politicians, journalists, historians and representatives of the cultural sphere. In particular, among those who could follow, mentioned the acting Minister of women's Affairs, Elisabeth Gomez of Al.

The organization, in its statement also demanded a thorough investigation of the fact of surveillance.

"We demand that the complaint was thoroughly investigated, to the names of those persons were known to the public and to take precautions so that such situations are not repeated", - emphasized in the organization.