In Bolivia, stopped the construction of the center of Rosatom for COVID-19

The construction of the center for nuclear research and technologies (CAIT) of Rosatom in Bolivia is suspended due to a pandemic coronavirus, the government of the Latin American countries is positively set to continue working with Russia, told RIA Novosti the Russian Ambassador in Bolivia, Vladimir Sprinchan.

The Bolivian Agency for nuclear energy (ABEN) on 12 February issued a statement that the government suspends the project for the construction of the center as long as the Parliament and the Prosecutor's office "will not speak on this issue." However, a month later, the Bolivian government and Rosatom announced that CAIT in El Alto, scheduled to open in 2023, will be completed on time and open the Bolivians access to technology for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

"The object imported equipment, has made considerable progress in construction, but now because of the pandemic, it stopped, the project is frozen, because the works are only urgently needed in the areas of production", — said Sprinzen.

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