A nutritionist told me how to choose the right bread

Supporters of a healthy lifestyle consider bread one of the most harmful products. Why their fears are unfounded, and some bread useful, he said in an interview with radio Sputnik dietician Irina slime.

Followers HLS exclude bread from their diet, explaining that, on the one hand, it has a high glycemic index, leading to excess weight, on the other, there is practically no nutrients.

No need to be afraid to eat bread, you just need the mind to approach to its choice, explained nutritionist Irina slime. Preference should be given to products made of whole wheat flour.

When talking about the dangers of bread, also remember gluten. It is contained in cereals and acts as a gluing element, which does not allow the bread to crumble. Unfortunately, some people have a sensitivity to this substance, which and went the myth about the dangers of foods containing gluten. However, the fashion for a gluten-free diet will soon pass, believes Irina slime.