The Americans are bogged down in the quagmire of the middle East, but blaming Moscow

Russia should "get out of the Middle East", because historically Americans have been in the region of the main support, confident in the state Department. Moscow, according to Washington, only stopping to rebuild Iraq, Syria and Libya. Do you have a clear White house strategy in the middle East and what the administration of Donald trump claims to the actions of Russia, understood to RIA Novosti.

"To keep the Russians away from the Middle East is the cornerstone of American politics. We follow this principle for the last forty five years. Now Russia is playing a destructive role in the region. We directly declare that she needs to get out of there," said assistant Secretary David Schenker during a video conference at the Middle East Institute in Washington.

Talking about historical importance in the region, the official listed the countries that have always relied on the support of the Americans, not the Russians. He mentioned Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Israel and Palestine.

Most of all, according to Schenker, the Washington remains concerned about the Arab-Israeli truce. The white house expects that in the near future the parties will go on "deal of the century". Schenker recalled that Israel and some Gulf monarchies supported the American initiative. But did not mention that the Palestinian authority had learned about the details of the transaction after the fact.

Said Schenker and assistance to Iraq, Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia in the fight against coronavirus — these countries provide tests and medicines.

But Americans in the middle East prevent Russia and China. "The rivalry of the great powers provoked countries in the region to make a choice. The United States will not force someone to participate in it", — assured Schenker.

The main efforts of the Department of state will send to the explanation of middle Eastern allies, what are the consequences of cooperation with Moscow and Beijing: even aware of the consequences.

The main success of the American strategy, the official attributed the defeat of the Islamic state* Syria and Iraq. But the fight against various cells IG* and "al-Qaeda"* not yet completed, and the USA, together with NATO allies will continue to confront terrorism.

With the help of the Americans restored Iraqi, said Schenker. According to him, Washington quickly established contact with the new Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi, and collaboration on projects developing.

As for Syria, the Americans, according to the representative of the state Department, not take responsibility and is ready to provide support. But prevent Bashar al-Assad, who holds the power in the country, as well as Russia.

The blame for the strengthening of Moscow's positions in the middle East, the official laid on Barack Obama. "He welcomed the arrival of the Russians in Syria. Apparently believed that this would draw them into the quagmire. But Russia turned the tide of the war and Assad remains there still. It was a blunder of the previous administration," said Schenker.

The next point of the accusations against Russia — the situation in Libya. "Successes in Syria have inspired the Russian authorities", — said the representative of the state Department. Moscow has passed to active actions in the former Jamahiriya.

However, "Russia does not play a productive and stabilizing role in resolving the Libyan conflict," says Schenker.

Moscow's cooperation with Iran do not like the White house. Another reason for concern is the continuing contacts of Russia with Saudi Arabia, while in March the country are unable to agree on the price of oil.

The Russian foreign Ministry call "out of the Middle East" called "stupidity". "Apparently, he (Schenker. — Approx. ed.) does not understand what he is talking about. It's beyond good and evil. The level of training has fallen very low," — said the Agency.

"When Russia in 2015 went to Syria, Americans do not strongly objected. Wanted to see what happens in Russian, but were convinced of the inevitability of the same "middle Eastern quagmire" — said in a conversation with RIA Novosti coordinator of the middle East projects RIAC Ruslan Mamedov. — But on Syria Moscow has achieved impressive results. Assad is still in power, which Washington certainly didn't expect. Russia is expected to maintain in Syria is a key political institutions, and generally succeeded."

The situation in this country is now the center of attention of Americans. And lunges Schenker in Russia is associated with Syrian direction, I'm sure Mammadov.

"The U.S. Congress is actively working on the law on "protection of the civilian population of Syria", also known as "Caesar." This document assumes economic sanctions against Damascus. No company, including Russian, do not want to invest in the Syrian economy", — says the expert.

In Moscow are aware of the seriousness of the situation and think about how to proceed.

"The primary task is to find the Syrian foreign investors for economic recovery. Before the pandemic, the UAE has expressed willingness to help. But the coronavirus and falling oil prices caused the crisis in the rich Arab monarchies. Expect quick support is not necessary, but negotiations should continue," says Mammadov.

After the overthrow in Libya the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, Russia was one of the few countries that sought to restore normal life in the country, said to RIA Novosti, the Libyan political analyst Mustafa. He does not agree with the statements of the state Department about the "destructive role" of Moscow.

"When the Jamahiriya was split, Russia was occupied by Syria. But the Libyans knew that sooner or later will return to Moscow and try to bring at least some order. The process was delayed. This is connected not so much with the influence of external players as with internal processes. Now Russia, along with Turkey, the EU and the UN is trying to sit at the negotiating table, the government of Faiz Saraga and General Khalifa the Haftarot. Not an easy task," explains Arguello.

Libyan analyst points out that Russia cooperates with all parties of the conflict, so it can act as a neutral arbitrator.

"The US has no coherent strategy for North Africa. But Americans often provoke allies in the region on conflict. It is clear that Ankara and Moscow understand this and will not allow such scenario," says Arguello.

Russia is interested in the restoration of basic political institutions in the country, and the Libyans see it. As for the other external players, their ultimate goals are less clear.

*Terrorist organizations, banned in Russia.