Saudi Aramco raised the price of oil deliveries in July

The Saudi state company Saudi Aramco raised prices on oil supplies in July, reports Bloomberg referring to him with the price list of the company.

Previously, Saudi Aramco has postponed the announcement of the July prices for its oil until the resurrection, awaiting the outcome of OPEC meeting .

According to the Agency, the company has raised the prices for all regions. The Agency noted that prices for oil exports to Asia will grow by 5,60 – 7,30 dollars per barrels.

Saudi Aramco usually publishes official selling prices for crude oil by the fifth day of each month. They determine the direction of oil prices in Iran, Kuwait and Iraq, as well as affect the price more than 12 million barrels of oil per day, which go on sale in Asia. This year, Saudi Aramco has already several times shifted the publication of monthly oil prices on the background of high volatility in the market.

On Saturday, OPEC agreed to extend the current reduction of oil production to 9.7 million barrels per day by the end of July. However, the head of the energy Ministry of Russia Alexander Novak said that all options transactions of OPEC to reduce oil production in July remained the same, preserved all the conditions, including the participation of Mexico in the agreement.