Below the temple is not closed: in Moscow met the feast of the Trinity

The churches of the Russian Orthodox Church has opened its doors to the faithful in Moscow on 6 June during the so-called Trinity Saturday, and on Sunday the Orthodox said one of the twelve (12 main Church) holidays – day of the Holy Trinity. As a rule, temples at this time visited by many people. How was the festive service, there were a lot of members and if they managed to comply with sanitary norms – to find out the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

At the entrance of the temple Martyr Tatiana, Moscow state University named after Lomonosov, which is two minutes from the Moscow Kremlin – the police. "Watch, that there was no provocation. We go to Church, watch, observe whether people distance wearing a mask. Be warned, if necessary. But so far, no problems in this Church was not" - said the police officer.

Just outside the door - the instructions on how to behave in the context of the epidemic. But for regular parishioners all of these rules are not new: the markings on the floor, the distance of the mask – it was in early April - before the restrictions on access to capital temples. And people have not forgotten that the country is having a virus on the website of the parish published a special appeal. "In addition to personal safety, we all must think about the safety of our temple. Infecting someone with a virus may cause the temporary closure of the temple, the imposition on us of fines, dismissal of the rector", - stated in the message.

Also, people are asked not to come if there are signs of ARI and to sign up for the service in advance. In addition to pre-record in many churches of Moscow at Trinity has organized two services in the morning, so everyone could be accommodated. Two the Liturgy is a common practice, but during an outbreak, it has acquired a special meaning - to make it easier to keep your distance for a person, on the recommendation of the health authorities, you need at least 4 square meters of free space.

"In the morning at the Liturgy there were 60 people, the second - 50", - said the employee of the Church tatiany. People, he said, significantly less than usual. "During holidays, the person 700 comes temple full. But now, many in isolation, in the cottages. And in the suburbs of the Church have already discovered," explains the employee.

But some came to a favorite temple. "Back great. Even the service felt somehow stronger", - told RIA Novosti the young parishioner.

In the sermon the rector of the Church Archpriest Vladimir Vigilyansky said that "without God and the Church we are nothing and nobody." The epidemic of coronavirus, according to the priest, Dana, that people do not think that due to digitization or achievements of modern civilization, "can the Church make in your house." "To conduct worship services, or as Kashpirovsky, to consecrate the Cup in front of the screen is a terrible heresy," - said Archpriest.

He also noted that all modern achievements were offset by "a small insect called the coronavirus". "The lesson we must learn from this - without God and without the Church we are nothing and nobody," concluded the Abbot.

After the service he explained to RIA Novosti that people still need to "bring the Church" wherever you go: at work and at home, however, the "house of God, of sacraments, the sacrament, it is impossible to move". Although, recalls Vigilyansky, there were times when Solovki was held in a forest: "the meadow consecrated as the throne of the stump and carved wood Bowl," but this, according to him, exceptions.

Exceptional and emergency he also described the circumstances under which people were communed in the Church of St. Tatiana in Moscow yet were banned for parishioners to visit Church services.

"Yes, we encouraged people to stay at home, but these circumstances are an emergency. The parishioner, her six children, must give birth to the seventh. Well before it we close the door? Someone on operation to go, and in the hospital right now priests are not allowed. If they are walking, I say, "Come to the temple." We have 5-10 people received communion. We are broke – Yes, but before God – not, of course," concluded the Abbot.

On a farmstead of the Valaam monastery in Moscow (located near Tver) decided to serve on the street: on programowej site can pray with the sanitary requirements of the course - 150 people, and in the temple of St. Sergius and Herman of Valaam - only 54, said his staff.

"Yesterday and today - Pentecost Sunday - there were about 100 people. We plan to continue to serve in the room - there really anyone will fit. And more than normal - not empty," - said in the courtyard.

Space the inner courtyard is divided into squares on top of the Parking layout. Everything is carefully organized: the icons, the altar in a tent, speaker, as well as traditional for the holiday birch trees. From the highest point of the congregation facing the face of the Savior: the icon was placed on the tree.

Believers are at an acceptable distance. The anointing took place: the priests themselves came to the congregation, whereas usually people are languishing in the queue. In line for confession and communion, too, kept their distance.

"I came yesterday morning. All day in the temple, and today at Liturgy," says Dmitry, who has not been in the Church since mid-February: first, because of illness, and then the parishioners were not allowed. He had surgery on his leg and had difficulty walking. "Of course, happy that I'm back in the temple. With the holiday," he congratulates.

Pentecost, day of Pentecost, or the feast of the Holy Trinity dedicated to the events that occurred on the 50th day after the Resurrection of Christ. Then on the apostles, and in their person – all people – the Holy Spirit came. They spoke in different languages and spread the teachings of Jesus Christ in the world. Therefore, Pentecost is also called the birthday of the Church. Believers in this day glorify the one God, manifested thus in three persons – the father, the Son and the Holy spirit.