Trump recalled Colin Powell to invade Iraq because of the support of Biden

The US President Donald trump on Sunday reacted to what the former Secretary of state Colin Powell (under President George W. Bush) expressed support for the upcoming presidential elections in the most possible democratic candidate Joe Biden. Trump said that Powell is responsible for drawing the US into war in the middle East.

"Colin Powell is the most stubborn, who bears a huge burden of responsibility for what got us into the disastrous war in the middle East, has just announced that he will vote for another stubborn - sleepy Joe Biden. Isn't Powell said that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction?" They didn't do it, but we went to war!", - trump wrote in his Twitter.

Earlier in an interview with CNN, Powell said that he could not in this year to support trump and will support Biden, whom he knows and with whom he has worked for many decades.

Powell became infamous for his performance at the UN on 5 February 2003, a month before the U.S. invaded Iraq. Powell, who was at that time a post of the US Secretary of state, in his speech in the UN security Council stated that it had received first-hand information about alleged head of Saddam Hussein's Iraq technology for the production of biological weapons. In proof of these words Powell at the UN showed a vial with white powder, claiming that this beaker contains a sample produced in the factories of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Later it turned out that Powell was misinformed CIA and the vial turned out to be fakes.