Accusing colleagues of rape poznavatelnoe revealed new details

Former poznavatelnoe from Ufa, which became victim to a gang rape in the TV channel NTV told them what had happened.

According to the girl, she was attacked by three colleagues, who demanded to come to their meeting.

The victim believes that her case was not unique. She told me that she trusted these men, they knew her father.

"At that moment I wanted to leave, I'm just not allowed to do," she said.

Informally with former colleagues she met before. She told me that she went to corporate and then it began to pester the managers.

In 2018, at that time, 23-year-old poznavatelnoe police from Ufa has accused three superiors of rape in the workplace. Officers detained and placed in jail, but later released under house arrest. They were removed from the bodies, without waiting for the verdict. Then lost work of the victim: it turned out that at the time of the offence she had been drinking with colleagues. Process in the Kirovsky district court lasted six months, the suspects didn't admit guilt.

At the end of last year, accused Paul of Yaremchuka sentenced to six years imprisonment, Eduard Matveev and Salavat Galieva to seven. They also had to pay the victim three million rubles as compensation of moral harm.

This week the Supreme court of Bashkiria has justified Matveeva and Galieva, recognizing their right to rehabilitation, and Yaremchuk sentence was commuted to four years in prison. The victim has promised to appeal the decision.