In Osaka there was a procession in support of the movement against racism

A March in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, which opposes violence and racism against blacks, it took on a Sunday afternoon in the center of the second largest metropolis of Japan, Osaka.

"The peace March is aimed at efforts to enhance freedoms and equality of black people. Our procession is organized in memory of George Floyd, the Breana Taylor, Ahmad private bathrooms, Tony Macadam and uncountable numbers of people who lost their lives due to racism and violence," - said in a statement the organizers of Black Lives Matter Kansai, at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

Among the organizers and participants of the March were foreigners, in connection with which the organizers said that the parade is held a "peaceful March" and not a protest. Under the existing legislation, foreign citizens have no right to organize a protest in Japan.

Accurate data on the number of participants will not appear until by Sunday night local time (about 18.00 GMT), but according to estimates of several of the organizers interviewed by RIA Novosti, the number who came to March can reach 3 thousand people. In turn, city police estimated that the rally attracted about a thousand people.

African American George Floyd died in Minneapolis during police detention, and his death resulted in riots in the cities of Minnesota but also in other U.S. States. In the Internet appeared the video, which show that the police put the handcuffs Floyd, knocked him down and piled on top of him, the three of us, and one of them stepped on his knee on the neck. Floyd on video several times said that he could not breathe. He later died in intensive care. After the riots fired four police officers, one of them was charged with murder, three others of aiding and abetting the murder.

Protests in support of the movement were also held in other countries, particularly in the UK, France, Sweden, and Australia.