Turkish Ambassador in Athens has confirmed a willingness to discuss controversial issues

Turkey's Ambassador to Athens a Golden Ozugergin said that Turkey wants to have good neighbourly relations with Greece had offered Greece to discuss controversial issues, including the delimitation of Maritime zones, and remains committed to dialogue.

In recent months, increasing tension in Greek-Turkish relations. The latest example was the publication in the Turkish official Gazette of applications to the Turkish petroleum Corporation (TPAO) to carry out studies in the areas of the Greek continental shelf. Adviser to the Prime Minister of Greece's national security, then Minister of national defense of Greece Nikos Panayotopoulos said in recent days about the readiness, if necessary, to give a military response by Turkey.

Ozugergin said that prior to the signing of a Memorandum of understanding with Libya, Turkey has invited everyone for a dialogue, but got no response. However, now Ankara is still willing to negotiate, the Ambassador said.

"Prior to the signing of a Memorandum of understanding with Libya, Turkey has repeatedly invited all parties concerned to agree on consensus that is based on equality, and remains willing to negotiate. You can't remain silent on calls for collaboration, and then complain when States take the necessary steps to protect its national interests. This is exactly what happened," the Ambassador said.

According to him, Turkey is ready to "just and peaceful" solution to all outstanding issues, including the delimitation of Maritime zones.

"Given this, the Turkey is ready, as in the past, to achieve a fair, just and peaceful solution to all outstanding issues, including the equitable delimitation of Maritime jurisdiction with the coastal States, which it recognizes and with which it has diplomatic relations", - said Ozugergin.

While Turkey does not recognize Cyprus, a part of whose territory is occupied by Turkish troops. "In fact, the Greek side at the highest levels, it was announced that we are ready to begin a dialogue on Maritime delimitation in accordance with international law. However, our proposals have remained unanswered to this day. Recalled that the obligation of cooperation in the framework of international law is not one-sided commitment," the Ambassador said.

On the issue of cooperation of the Embassy of Turkey Ministry of foreign Affairs of Greece, Ozugergin said that "dialogue is the close and regular", and although Turkey and Greece have longstanding disagreements in different areas, there are established channels for discussion of these issues in the framework of international law.