The doctors told me what kind of lifestyle you need to lead in the heat

Doctors in the interview with "Izvestiya" gave advice on how to exercise and eat right during the heat wave.

Nutritionist Marina Opletaev urged to abandon fatty foods as well as alcohol and sugary drinks in hot weather.

According to the doctor, is to reduce the amount of meat products in the diet — they are digested for a long time, and in the heat of metabolism is reduced. The doctor advised me to eat more vegetables — they contain moisture and vitamin C and also eat poultry, fish and seafood.

As lunch, she proposed vegetable cold soups, and the sausage in the hash recommended to replace the bird.

"Breakfast well, for example, an omelet with vegetables. For dinner: poultry, fish with vegetables, fruit and berry dessert," she said, urging not to forget about fruits and berries.

"In addition, in the hot season it is necessary to drink a lot of plain water to avoid dehydration," said Opletaev, urged instead of black to give preference to green, herbal or fruit tea. Coffee is advisable to drink no more than one or two cups a day

The doctor, a specialist in running Alex Fierce reminded that it is not necessary in the heat to do intense Jogging, and the body needs time to recover. In addition, he urged not to forget to drink water in the heat under intense loads. Jogging the doctor advised to choose the morning.

The expert of the League of nation's health and a cardiologist Mehman Mammadov advised during a heat wave two or three times a day to ventilate the room, and, if necessary, to take a shower.