Study: spending Russians in hotels in may increased by one third

Expenditures of Russians on the reservation of rooms in hotels in may increased by one third, according to the study, Russia's largest operator fiscal data "Platform CRF" available to RIA Novosti.

The experts reviewed the may data for booking of accommodation in hotels and prepayments rendered additional services and compared the results obtained with the APR.

"Average price of purchases in the category "hotels" amounted to 1610 rubles, which is 13% higher than in April. Sales grew by 30%", - analysts estimated.

Months of self-isolation in a natural way formed the Russians need a change of scenery, rebuild mental and physical strength - this pent-up demand is now mainly used in the address of the resort regions such as Crimea and the Krasnodar region, said the Director of "Proteks-Hotel" Roman Averin.

"To a lesser extent, he touched the small hotels in the neighborhood of large cities. No excessive demand, of course not, and one can hardly expect this season. The consumer has not yet decided whether he is ready to prefer domestic hotels is foreign, coming it a habit," said Averin.

In his opinion, the summer and the year 2020 will be a period of "testing" all the hotel and resort business in the country.