Archaeologists spoke about the unique mosaics found near Verona

The authorities of the Italian Negrar, in the vicinity of which the archaeologists found a mosaic floor and foundations of an ancient Roman Villa, my dream is to open the excavation site of the archaeological Park: local experts say that the quality of the found paintings are comparable with the objects of Pompeii killed in the eruption of Vesuvius.

As told RIA Novosti the mayor of the city of Negrar di Valpolicella in the province of Verona Roberto Grison, the ruins of the Villa was found under the vineyards of which produce the famous local wine Amarone.

According to him, the city and the province of Verona hope discovered Roman Villa ever turn into an archaeological Park.

"After completing the excavations we will discuss with individuals and Department for culture, what will be the future of this area: we would like to make this attraction open. We have one treasure – quality wine, but also the hidden treasures, which is to attract attention," said the mayor of Negrar, which is ten kilometers North of Verona.

According to him, the area of the building can exceed 1 thousand square meters.

"Failed to determine the main hall the size of seven by ten meters, there are other rooms, the walls, the apse, the columns, even from the same sex it is clear that it was a rich house. The colors and quality of materials are such that it's like she was built yesterday," says Grison.

The Villa dates from the third century ad. The photographs from the excavation site, which was published by the city authorities, the well-preserved mosaic found at a depth of five feet below ground.

According to the head of Department of Verona in archeology, fine arts and landscape Vincenzo Tina, "such things speak loudly for themselves."

"The Roman Villa in these places is an ancient archaeological myth, which appeared in the 19th century. After the first excavations of its traces were lost", - he told Agency.

Tina previously estimated, the Villa area of several hectares. According to him, archaeologists open areas such as Windows.

"Before archaeology was in such a state that the mosaic could find, to detach a piece and send it to the Museum, and remained vague news about Villa in Negrar", - said the expert.

According to her, the new excavations have decided to begin last year, however the beginning of works was postponed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus in a few months. To them started only in may.

"The photographs of the mosaics you can see how well they have been preserved: this is similar to the effects of the eruption of Vesuvius. The prospect, of course, at the moment is the creation of a complex under the open sky. The appraisal will be made on the spot", - said the representative of the authorities of Verona.