Vilfand said about the record temperatures in Siberia

Exceeding the average temperature in may in Siberia has reached a unique mark in nine degrees, told RIA Novosti the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand.

Earlier, the European center forecasts and system Copernicus documented that the global temperature in may 2020 was 0.63 degrees above the average. In Europe the average temperature in may was 0.3 degrees below average. However, according to European forecasts, the most surprising was above normal in Siberia.

As said the scientist, Novosibirsk deviation from the norm was 6.3 degrees, in Kemerovo - 5 degrees, in Barnaul is 5.1 degrees.

Vilfand explained that may with a meteorological point of view is a summer month.

"Variability of summer months is significantly less than in winter. A deviation of 8 degrees in winter in any direction not common, but occurs. This means the exclusion of a stationary series (mean values, which do not change for decades). If this is a recurring event, then the transition to a new climate, such a cascade transition. For example, in the decade will happen, such anomalies as: 8 degrees, then 9. It's incredible, it means that there is a change to a new climate. Not gradual, and almost cascade. Such developments confirm the rapid climate warming in the Northern latitudes," - said Vilfand.

The interlocutor of Agency has reminded that in the Northern regions of Eurasia, the rate of warming is more evident than at the equator and in temperate latitudes. The rate of change in global temperature is about 0.17 degrees for 10 years, in the temperate latitudes of Eurasia - 0.4 degrees in 10 years, and in polar latitudes at 0.6-0.8 degrees.