In Washington held a peaceful rally against racism

The death of 46-year-old African American George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of police triggered in US a wave of mass protests and unrest, which the country has not seen since the death of the iconic defender of the rights of blacks Martin Luther king in 1968.

A wave of popular anger and riots over Washington: if last Friday, the first day of protests, rallies and pickets at the White house were peaceful, in the next two days, the bullies started throwing firecrackers and bottles at police, burn cars, beat Windows. At the end of riots detained hundreds of people, including policemen were injured.

Saturday in town was the most massive and perhaps the most peaceful in the last days of the rally. Despite desired by organizers of the million participants took to the streets about 10 thousand people. How riots changed folk festivals, watched the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The day promised hot, about 30 degrees, which for Washington, of course, not uncommon, but perhaps it is the weather that has caused many to not go to the White house, and on nature. In order not to aggravate the situation even more, Federal and municipal authorities, whose relationship is not ideal, decided to minimize the presence of police and military on the streets. The movement of cars was blocked off for several blocks from the White house: across the road put the "hammer" of the national guard and other machine intelligence, including machine anti-drug Agency DEA, which is usually engaged in the fight against drug trafficking.

For all of you who moved on four wheels and on two or on foot, the path was open. Every self-respecting party rally carried a homemade poster or was dressed in a t-shirt. The most popular "black Lives matter" "No justice, no peace", "Justice for George Floyd". But there were also original prints, for example, "the Conductor of truth" or just a portrait of Karl Marx. The General gist of the messages was the same: the fight against racism and violence by police officers.

Those who did not have a suitable shirt or mask, could buy everything in place: both for $ 20. A few days ago it was possible to take ten. The greatest demand for t-shirts with the image of George Floyd, which in the public mind the liberal Americans is rapidly turning into a Martyr, the victim because of his skin color. In fairness it should be noted that there were t-shirts with the names of the victims and other African Americans.

Adjacent to the square at the White house on 16 th street, renamed on the eve of the municipal authorities in the "black Lives have value Plaza" lined up. More precisely, at once two stages: one in the toilet cubicles installed specifically for the rally, and the second to the transformer box where everyone will be photographed on the background of the new signs with the street name. Another small queue lined up to the ice cream truck — still hot. Came to the rally with their parents the children were delighted.

"Tell me his name!" — was heard at his ear the scream into a megaphone. "George Floyd!" — sounded answered hundreds of votes at the fence of the White house. "Can't!" — "Breathe!" — continued roll call the last words of the deceased African-American. And so times ten. But peacefully, without throwing bottles and firecrackers. The feeling that even if there were such hot heads, they would have quickly cooled the other participants of the protest. Normal there was clearly more than the radicals who attacked the city a week ago.

"Kneel!" — suddenly shouted into a megaphone sturdy colored guy. People respectfully dropped to one knee and stood in silence in memory of all victims of racism in the United States. This position was at the center of public attention after a number of cases, the knee began to rise, the police in solidarity with the protesters.

By the way, earlier kneeling posture became the subject of heated disputes, correspondence between President Donald trump and players of the National football League. The head of state didn't like that the black players instead of having to listen to the anthem standing up, down on a knee in protest against racism in the country.

On Saturday none of the participants of the meeting of the disagreement on this issue was not. As there was no police officers, which was addressed to a slogans. However, the lack of guards did not save the protesters from the claims. "No (police) badge — no authority! There, they stood on their roofs watching us, and in the neighbouring streets too, and many without insignia" — outraged resident of Virginia named Paul.

Participate in the protection of public order police officers without insignia became one of the reasons for public discontent in Washington because it makes it difficult to raise the liability of those guards who break the law during the dispersal of the protests. In the whole country, such cases already recorded a few hundred, which aggravates the problem of violence by the police. About how many policemen were killed and injured during the protests, at a rally outside the White house chose not to speak.

Just 100 meters from the protesters in the shade of the trees on the sidewalk sat a few young men and women. Around them were dying of heat four-legged Pets. The dog was small and short, but it little helped them — the language of each was "on the shoulder".

"I always go to protests with my dog, she's used to it. And believe me, she will gnaw out the racism in our country" — with a smile assured the girl named Alice.

Behind her, two young men knitting mesh fence some writing with colored ribbons. I remembered the era of hippies and anti-war protests that took place there in the days of Martin Luther king.

This fence started to put on Monday after the riots and after the famous trump walks to the burnt Church. About the President first told the media that he is allegedly scared of the protests and hid in a bunker under the White house (this is now the protesters tease him "bunker boy" — bunker boy). And then he wrote that he was angry at these publications and decided to take a walk to the Church, for which the police dispersed a peaceful protest. And trump, and members of his administration such an interpretation of events deny, but for the protesters it does not require any evidence. The liberal press they tend to believe of course.

The fence installed around the entire residence. For reliability fence reinforced with concrete blocks. And the main entry to the territory of the White house and its administration has blocked five powerful trucks. At the same time on neighboring transmission such fortifications there. There is on duty a couple of Secret service personnel, one of whom with a smile, handing out passing the protesters bottled water.

Groups of protesters continued to gather to the White house, one after another. One of the columns marched from the memorial to Abraham Lincoln U.S. President, in which and through which the country abolished slavery. Incidentally, he also fell victim to violence, however, is not the police, and southerners-Confederate, who fought four years during the Civil war.