The Russians predicted a "whimsical" summer

Throughout Russia this summer the weather will be changeable, and the hot days will be replaced by cold and rainy. In an interview with URA.ru said the head meteorologist Roman Vilfand.

"This summer in Russia, especially the Urals, the projected movement of air masses from West to East and from South to North and from North to South. This will happen frequent changes of weather will be as hot and dry days and cold and rainy" — said the forecaster.

He explained that the change of climate, where similar phenomena can be observed worldwide. The number of dangerous phenomena such as heavy rains, hurricanes and storms each year will increase. Vilfand noted that over the past 20 years, their annual number has doubled. Often such differences occur in the summer, because more humid air mass rises into the atmosphere.

According to the weatherman, it may have a positive impact on the crop.