The immunologist told about the unexpected cause of infection of the coronavirus

Immunologist Anatoly Suslov in the air NSN told how stress can lead to infection with a coronavirus.

Previously about the connection between stress and COVID-19 said the doctor Alexander Myasnikov. He noted that the experience reduces the immune system which helps fight infection. So, in the course of the experiment it turned out that the frightened lab rats sick more often and longer than their more relaxed counterparts.

Suslov agreed with the opinion of colleagues.

Suslov called a weakened immune system a "loophole" through which the virus enters the body.

Also the doctor recommended during a pandemic to avoid stress and heavy exercise.

According to the world health organization in the world, the coronavirus has infected more than 6.6 million people, more than 391 thousand died. Russia has identified almost 458 thousand cases COVID-19, about 5.7 thousand people died, more than 221 thousand recovered.

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