The Russian Ambassador responded to the accusations of supporting unrest in the United States

. Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov called "stuff and nonsense" accusations of Moscow's support of the riots in the U.S. caused by the death of the African-American George Floyd.

The diplomat said that some American politicians talk about the "Russian trace" in the protests.

"We are accused that we allegedly stand for "behind the scenes", almost help the provocateurs who destabilisateur the situation," the Ambassador said.

He added that Russia is ready for pragmatic cooperation with the United States.

In many American cities, a wave of protests over the death in Minneapolis of the African-American George Floyd after detention by the police. In the Internet appeared the video, which law enforcement officers handcuffed him, threw him and fell on him together. One of the police officers stepped with his knee on the neck of the Floyd. The detainee several times said he found it difficult to breathe, and then fades.

Floyd could not be saved, he died in intensive care. Four police officers involved were fired, one of them was accused of the murder of three — aiding and abetting the murder.

After the riots a former adviser to the us President for national security Susan rice said that Russia might be behind the violence during the protests. However, she did not adduce any specific evidence or facts.

The foreign Ministry statement called rice part of a new campaign of Washington's "Russian intervention".

In addition, in late may, President Donald trump also criticized CNN after the channel former New Orleans mayor Marc Morial said that Moscow may be involved in the riots, as local agents for the 2016 elections allegedly pretended to be "black activists".